Tuesday, October 16, 2007

And Finally, Yesterday's Return of the Blogger...

This is the entry that I wrote last night, and now I’m finally home to post it…

Hi! Remember me? No? Well, pretend like you do.

I think the problem was that I wanted to have someTHING to write about, and really, I just need to DO it, you know? (Of course you do. You probably have a pretty, shiny blog that you update a lot.)

So, I'm sitting here on the couch and I've just finished working on some agreements for work and in a few minutes the Beast and I will engage in some pack behavior and play tug of war with the icky rope toy and I'll reassert my dominance as, if not the alpha dog, at least the ahead-of-the-Beast dog in the pecking order, and we'll probably have some concentrated belly rub time. I have the Food Network on (which -- does this network even have actual cooking shows on anymore?) and "Unwrapped" is on right now, which seems to be a "how it's made" kind of show. This episode is about candy. You don't know me, but if you did, you would realize that this is terribly apropos. At any rate, the host of this shindig is Marc Summers. You know, Double Dare Marc Summers. Do you remember that? With the slime and the obstacle course and the questions and the flags and the goo? On Nickelodeon? With the goofy, boyish host? HE HAS GREY HAIR. And that is all I have to say about that.

We've been aggressively making plans in the past few days four our trip to Knoxville for the Tennessee/South Carolina game. (Burglars, abandon hope. We have housesitters.) The scheme at present is to take Wilbur's parents' RV up to Knoxville and host tailgatapalooza. We've never done this before (I mean, we've been to football games before, but we've never done the RV tailgating party thing) and I fully anticipate it being The Griswolds Go to the Game or something like. Not that it won't be hilarious fun, but before it's over, I'm sure my father will have punched the Marty Moose statue and Cousin Eddie will have set Neyland Stadium on fire. I'm sure someone will have fallen down and I'm sure the hops-based shenanigans will alienate at least one member of the party from all the others for the rest of the weekend. At last count, we have at least 12 people attending in our party alone. Anyone have any fail-proof tailgate party food ideas?

Well, I'm off to nurse my lingering head cold with the judicious application of Riesling (Wine! Apply Directly To The Gullet!) and rub the dog's stomach until he passes out. Carry on!

Martha I Ain't

Yes, I'm at work, but I'm taking a late lunch. (Which I brought from home. ARE YOU IMPRESSED?) I've been doing a little on-line Christmas shopping (HOW IMPRESSED ARE YOU?) and thought I'd pop in here. I composed an entry last night but then Blogger was "temporarily unavailable" or something, so I'll have to post it later. I can't post it now because it lives on my laptop at home. So the "where have I been?" post will have to go up later tonight, because last night I was apparently too busy monitoring the backs of my eyelids to log back in.

So, anyway, between starting opening up Blogger and logging on, I've completely lost my train of thought and forgotten what it was I was going to write about. Instead, how about a decorating question?

Here's what our front door looks like in the summer. Kind of. Because I'm at work and I don't have a picture of our front door. (Okay, it's looked like this for three years straight, now. We had real plants there once upon a time, but I killed them, like I always do, so one spring, we sprung [ha ha] for some real-looking fake plants. But, FINE, they don't look so "real" in the winter.)

front door

We're going to replace the plants at floor level with some more seasonally-appropriate evergreen-y looking things. But what on earth do I do with the hanging baskets? We've got these wrought-iron hooks attached on either side and we need to hang something there, right? Or do we just leave them empty? Wilbur suggested hanging skeletons there for Halloween and then leaving those up all year round and dressing them appropriately for different seasons and holidays. I love that man.

ETA: Um, Holy White Space, Batman. Sorry about that. Maybe I'll replace that with a real photo.